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Greta Holding Gertrude by StarsimsUniverse Greta Holding Gertrude :iconstarsimsuniverse:StarsimsUniverse 0 0 Gertrude NWN In-game Sword Model by StarsimsUniverse Gertrude NWN In-game Sword Model :iconstarsimsuniverse:StarsimsUniverse 1 0 Gertrude The Sword 3D Model by StarsimsUniverse Gertrude The Sword 3D Model :iconstarsimsuniverse:StarsimsUniverse 0 0 Gertrude Blueprints 2 by StarsimsUniverse Gertrude Blueprints 2 :iconstarsimsuniverse:StarsimsUniverse 0 0 Gertrude Blueprints 1 by StarsimsUniverse Gertrude Blueprints 1 :iconstarsimsuniverse:StarsimsUniverse 1 0 Greta Solveig NWN Portrait by StarsimsUniverse Greta Solveig NWN Portrait :iconstarsimsuniverse:StarsimsUniverse 5 0 DrBaconSteinsCoolPoster by StarsimsUniverse DrBaconSteinsCoolPoster :iconstarsimsuniverse:StarsimsUniverse 13 3 MKFusion Screenshot 13 by StarsimsUniverse MKFusion Screenshot 13 :iconstarsimsuniverse:StarsimsUniverse 2 1 MKFusion Screenshot 12 by StarsimsUniverse MKFusion Screenshot 12 :iconstarsimsuniverse:StarsimsUniverse 4 1 MKFusion Screenshot 11 by StarsimsUniverse MKFusion Screenshot 11 :iconstarsimsuniverse:StarsimsUniverse 2 0 MKFusion Screenshot 10 by StarsimsUniverse MKFusion Screenshot 10 :iconstarsimsuniverse:StarsimsUniverse 1 0 MKFusion Screenshot 9 by StarsimsUniverse MKFusion Screenshot 9 :iconstarsimsuniverse:StarsimsUniverse 1 1 MKFusion Screenshot 8 by StarsimsUniverse MKFusion Screenshot 8 :iconstarsimsuniverse:StarsimsUniverse 1 0 MKFusion Screenshot 7 by StarsimsUniverse MKFusion Screenshot 7 :iconstarsimsuniverse:StarsimsUniverse 2 0 MKFusion Screenshot 6 by StarsimsUniverse MKFusion Screenshot 6 :iconstarsimsuniverse:StarsimsUniverse 1 0 MKFusion Screenshot 5 by StarsimsUniverse MKFusion Screenshot 5 :iconstarsimsuniverse:StarsimsUniverse 1 0


Screenshot June 2012 - Stage Select Screen by MegaPhilX Screenshot June 2012 - Stage Select Screen :iconmegaphilx:MegaPhilX 52 11 Screenshot June 2012 - YokuMan Stage by MegaPhilX Screenshot June 2012 - YokuMan Stage :iconmegaphilx:MegaPhilX 22 5 YokuMan by MegaPhilX YokuMan :iconmegaphilx:MegaPhilX 84 24 Weapon: Yoku Attack by MegaPhilX Weapon: Yoku Attack :iconmegaphilx:MegaPhilX 58 14 MMU YokuMan Screenshot by MegaPhilX MMU YokuMan Screenshot :iconmegaphilx:MegaPhilX 39 20 MegaMan Unlimited Poster by MegaPhilX MegaMan Unlimited Poster :iconmegaphilx:MegaPhilX 58 27 MMU: Vs. Yoku Man 4 by jmatchead MMU: Vs. Yoku Man 4 :iconjmatchead:jmatchead 48 8 MMU: Vs. Yoku Man 3 by jmatchead MMU: Vs. Yoku Man 3 :iconjmatchead:jmatchead 50 11 MMU: Vs. Yoku Man 2 by jmatchead MMU: Vs. Yoku Man 2 :iconjmatchead:jmatchead 43 2 MMU: Vs. Yoku Man 1 by jmatchead MMU: Vs. Yoku Man 1 :iconjmatchead:jmatchead 54 3 Childhood Fustration by ScepterDPinoy Childhood Fustration :iconscepterdpinoy:ScepterDPinoy 39 14 Mega Vs. Metal 2 by jmatchead Mega Vs. Metal 2 :iconjmatchead:jmatchead 120 7 Mega Vs. Metal by jmatchead Mega Vs. Metal :iconjmatchead:jmatchead 223 33 YokuMan Poses Sketches by MegaPhilX YokuMan Poses Sketches :iconmegaphilx:MegaPhilX 30 14 YokuMan Data Card by MegaPhilX YokuMan Data Card :iconmegaphilx:MegaPhilX 137 57 MegaMan Unlimited - Cover Art by MegaPhilX MegaMan Unlimited - Cover Art :iconmegaphilx:MegaPhilX 259 94


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Daniel Walkinshaw
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United Kingdom
Welcome to my Deviantart page. Welcome to My Universe! I'm Starsim, but people like to call me "Stars" for short, or "Starsims".

I like video games, (especially retro ones, like on Gameboy, NES, SNES, Sega Megadrive and N64) so much so that I've even helped develop some fangames, such as "Mushroom Kingdom Fusion" and "Mega Man Unlimited".

My most beloved of the classic era is Mega Man! He's my hero and he always will be!

I've always liked drawing comics my whole life, and my username shows how passionate I am about my comic book universe I created. Over 30 years of history and characters to it.

Another type of art that has peaked my interest of late is fantasy art. Thanks to my brother getting me into Dungeons and Dragons years ago I have been a constant gamer on the old school online game Neverwinter Nights. There is an awesome server still doing roleplay called "Amia" and there is where my newest and most awesome of characters thrive: Greta Sólveig.

I'll be using my deviantart page to showcase screenies of her too. Even though I'm an artist, I'm not as good as the many professionals on here so I'm hoping to ask for a few commissions of various characters, and if I'm lucky, I'll showcase them here in my favs!
Its been too long since I updated my deviantart! There's no excuse now. So much has happened since my last journal entry! Mega Man Unlimited was released and has even been updated to version 1.2.2 with an awesome challenge mode and endless attack mode!

Download it here at my friend MegaphilX's website:

I'll be updating my favourite deviantarts with any relevant art that I contributed to the game. MegaPhilX has been constantly updating his own deviantart page with things involving Yoku Man.

You can check out his deviantart page here:

But now I want to start showing you my other projects, such as my fantasy related works. Particularly stuff to do with my character Greta Sólveig. I've reached a point where I've realised Greta could be my most greatest of creations, her potential is limitless. I originally created her back in the 90's for a random Dungeons and Dragons game my brother did. But from there she has grown into something much greater. In the mid 2000's I started role playing her online in a multiplayer server for Neverwinter Nights called Amia.

As the years have progressed I've established a rich backstory and personality for her, so much so that I'm now eager to see her come to life. Here on deviantart I'm going to be submitting all related material about her so I can share her with you guys, but also with the hope I can eventually find someone with the talent to do a submission for me, to show Greta as she should truly be portrayed. Cross fingers guys, and enjoy the incoming material about her. She's an extraordinary character!
  • Listening to: Taking a Stand - Captain America - Winter Soldier
  • Playing: Mega Man Unlimited


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Midday-Mew Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015   General Artist
Hey, question. Are you still active on this website? Because I have something that may help you with your Mega Mania Game Boy Advance Style Fangame project. Specifically, I made a sprite sheet that includes Game Boy variants of mugshots of the Mega Man 1 and Powered Up Robot Masters--and not the mugshots from the Mega Man 3 credits either. You can find it in my gallery, as well as on The Spriter's Resource (TSR) in the Mega Man Series folder of the Custom/Edited section.

Part of the reason I made the sprite sheet is because I saw your project used the mugshot of Elec Man from the credits of Mega Man 3, and I wished to contribute a better mugshot that appears to be more like boss mugshot as opposed to the one you currently use (the portraits from the credits of Mega Man 3 look more like player character mugshots, if you ask me). My main reason for making the sprite sheet is that I wished for people to use them instead of the ones from the Mega Man 3 credits (I really despise the mugshots from the Mega Man 3 credits). I will contact you on your Youtube channel with this message as well, in hopes that you'll see this message.
wakaflockaflame1 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey you think Popful Mail can be in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion :D?
MichaelCardinal Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013
So I hear you created Yoku Man... very cool!  That character is easily my favorite robot master in the Megaman Unlimited Game!  (Super fun level too.)

Codemaster9999 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013
How are you doing?
Codemaster9999 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013
Hello there.
Zero6694 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for joining MMBN Corruption!
Zero6694 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch!
Codemaster9999 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012
N64Mario84 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2010

Awww there isn't a ninjiplz account. :(

Hope Yoku Man's level is coming along well. :)
Codemaster9999 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2010
How are you? *hugs ninji*
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